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Opinions for week ending: Sunday, July 24 2005

(7.22.05) Transit subsidies stale
ATLANTA, GA The fact that government spends money on all sorts of things doesn't mean each project that gets doused with cash is equally worthwhile. If you're going to spend a bunch of money on something, you'd better hope a bunch of people use it.

(7.21.05) Incentives information bill stalls
RALEIGH A bill that would allow the public to learn more information faster about economic incentives has hit a roadblock in the N.C. General Assembly. And it's beginning to look like officials in the N.C. Department of Commerce may be trying to kill the measure altogether.

(7.20.05) Top tax harms bottom line
WINSTON-SALEM Re-enactment of the state's "temporary" extra one-half percent marginal personal income tax rate, which originated in the budget crisis of 2001, would be injurious to the economic and fiscal health of North Carolina. We must be conscious of our competitiveness with surrounding states.

(7.18.05) Power to tax a responsibility
HENDERSONVILLE The expenditure side of the county budget is where commissioners fill their most important role. The taxing authority of municipal and county government must be used judiciously to balance the whole community's needs, but the Board of Commissioners have failed to exercise good judgment.

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