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Opinions for week ending: Sunday, January 21 2007

(1.19.07) Winston-Salem backs stadium
WINSTON-SALEM Businessman Billy Prim passed a major hurdle when the Winston-Salem City Council approved spending $29 million over 25 years to help pay for a Warthogs baseball stadium that would anchor a residential and commercial development.

(1.19.07) Nanny state run amok
ASHEVILLE The FDA says there is a proven relationship between high amounts of trans fat and levels of LDL, the bad kind of cholesterol. Because of this, the FDA required manufacturers to add trans fats to product labels.

(1.17.07) Trans-fat banning a start
CHARLOTTE Smokers have been relatively passive and have allowed the anti-smoking zealots to run roughshod over them. The question is whether those of us who wish to eat as we please will allow the food zealots to do the same.

(1.15.07) Waterfront taxation
WILMINGTON It's late for North Carolina to help save the waterfront businesses, boat ramps and modest marinas that have been an essential feature of coastal life. But we might be able to help, if state and local leaders follow some examples from other states.

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